Climbing Wall

climbing-wallAll the fun and challenge of rock climbing, rappelling, and team work can be brought to your location and set up for climbing in as little as fifteen minutes. We do company team building exercises and employee outings. Bring your staff together in small groups and reward them with fun and excitement without traveling to the wilderness. We also do grand openings, fairs, and special events. Birthday parties are always a favorite for the kids and mark a memorable event, long remembered by your son or daughter. Their friends will be envious and the neighbors amazed. Although kids never want to get off, the adults love it as well. Our wall will accommodate 4 climbers at a time with a choice of 9 routes. Routes are designed from easy (for your young kitchen cabinet climbers!) to a challenging stretch for an adult. Choose the route to suit your ability. Custom routes can also be designed for specific challenges. If you can climb a ladder we have a route for you.

Rock Climbing Wall Surface:

The wall surface is made from a patented cement/epoxy mix. Unlike fiberglass and wood constructed walls this compound gives maximum rocklike feel and abrasion. The surface of the wall has been sculptured to duplicate real rock contours. This unique texture allows for climbing even when wall has become wet as opposed to the extremely slippery surface of other materials. Hand holds range in size, shape, and color to vary the ease or difficulty of the routes.

Rock Wall Height:

Overall height is 24 feet with a circumference at the top of over 22 ft. of Wall Panel. The Wall is mounted on a double axle trailer, can be set up without tow vehicle attached, and can withstand wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour. Trailer is equipped with its own generating system and quartz lighting for evening use. An automatic belay station that positions itself to any route allows a climber to safely climb on their own as much as they desire. At the top of each route are electronic plunger buttons that will momentary activate an electronic siren/beeper, rewarding the climbers efforts on reaching the top. Worried about rain? Not a problem. The wall can be set up with a 25′ x 30′ canopy protecting climbers and belayers. All climbing equipment is climbing industry approved for maximum safety. Our belay staff is friendly, professional and trained under the American Mountain Guide Association standards.

Skill Level

Four Climbing Stations… with Nine Climbing Routes that vary …

From .. Very Easy


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