adventure climbing rock wallAdventure Climbing was born in 1998 from an idea created by a local rock climbing group that had built their own indoor portable rock climbing wall. Also helping this idea was the fact that Randy Cook, (event manager) had a strong interest and had been involved in rock climbing with his family for many years.

Cook visited many portable rock climbing manufacturers looking for the best in mobile rock climbing walls. The Entre Prises, Mobile Rock Wall was selected due to its real rock like structure. Other portable rock climbing walls were made of fiberglass and became slippery when wet and the fiberglass surface overtime would wear through and splinter. The Entre Prises portable rock climbing wall was made in the same way their world-famous indoor competition walls were constructed. Entre Prises was no stranger to the rock wall business having built walls for the Olympics and the X Games. The material is a patented epoxy and concrete texture giving extremely good grip and rocklike feel that seasoned rock climbers had come to experience. It also was configured for manual belay using standard rock climbing rope for each climber’s safety, as well as an automatic belay system for climbing on your own. The manual belay feature gives the climber the most realistic experience of being a true rock climber using authentic gear. This traditional belay allows the climber to slip, regain their grip, rest, and continue climbing without being sent back to the ground as would be the case on the automatic belay. This manual belay method also gives the climber, a one-on-one with our staff belayer for direction, decision making, and encouragement.

The traditional manual belay method became especially important when Cook and his team were selected by famous rock climber and guide, Mark Wellman, to work with children at the Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged. This event is held each year at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. This event designed for children of all handicaps, brought blind, deaf, single amputee, double amputee and wheelchair participants to compete at various levels. Wellman and Cook had specially rigged the climbing wall to allow wheelchair and other physically challenged participants the opportunity to climb using their upper body only. With the backup of the safety rigging and special climbing equipment these new climbers now had the exhilaration of making it to the top of the wall and sounding the buzzer. The entire wall staff became charged with their excitement, huge smiles, and their newly found sense of accomplishments they were getting to experience for the first times in their lives.

Cook and Wellman have worked together on several events including the Para Olympics, (The World Olympic Games for the physically challenged) held just before the regular World Olympics, as well as training and other motivational seminars for the Physically Challenged.

Adventure Climbing InflatablesIn 2003 the Sabretooth Tiger was added to our operation. After much research for an inflatable slide with appeal and an impeccable safety record, Cook selected the Sabretooth Tiger inflatable slide.

The Sabretooth Tiger inflatable slide was the largest and most dynamic inflatable slide made. Its sheer physical size (35 ft high, 50 ft long, 30 ft wide) coupled with its one-of-a-kind design graphics and bright color, drew children of all sizes and ages with many moms and dads as well.

This inflatable slide has become the center of children’s activities. Because of its eye popping size and Sabretooth Tiger design, it stops people in their tracks and they are lured in awe for a closer view. Event organizers quickly learned that the Sabretooth Tiger inflatable slide was a show stopper and they would position us strategically to attract people passing by into their event. Event sponsors that pre-advertised our presence found their event had much more of an attraction for those families with children. People came from afar to see the largest inflatable slide called the Sabretooth. We instantly became one of the major draws to many events.

adventure climbing ratraceIn 2005, in keeping with our tradition of truly unique entertainment, we added our newest attraction; THE RAT RACE INFLATABEL OBSTACLE COURSE! The Rat Race is the number one inflatable obstacle course made. Participants can compete against each other to see who exits first, or run through the course on their own. Mom or Dad can also take the challenge with their kids for a fun safe competition. Each opponent runs in their own lane jumping through tires, crawling through the squeeze play, dodging tackle dummies, bursting through the tunnel, bouncing through the bumper walls, down the slide, and out to the finish. It’s great fun and a challenge to all ages! Each run is “figure 8” shaped and is over 140 ft. long.

Our customers loved the fact that our amusements were always professionally run and impeccably neat and clean. They realized their desire for other high quality attractions, and that having us as their entertainment provider would make their job for booking further amusements easy and worry free.

In 2006 we added several new high end bounce houses and moon walks. Our Castle bounce house is larger than most. Its graphics and novel design appeals to kids of all ages. Our bounce houses and moon walks, like all of our inflatable bounce houses, are made under stringent standards and exceed the strictest commercial requirements for all 50 states. The Space Camp bounce house and slide combo is the newest in the line of innovative bounce houses. Your participants will have the better of two worlds. With the option of bouncing, riding the slide, or doing both, kids never want to get off.

adventure climbing bungy jumpIn 2009 the newest, hottest attraction became part of our offerings. It is the 4 station trampoline bungy jump.(bungee jump). A fantastic workout with the thrill of experiencing weightlessness. The ability to perform anti gravity maneuvers, like back flips and somersaults, while 20 feet in the air, these thrills are unique and unmatched by any other device.

adventure climbing bullAlso in 2009 the Galaxy Mechanical Bull was added. This mechanical bull is the nation’s top rated bull for safety and design. The head and the horns of the bull are made from soft foam to protect the rider when falling. An “all stop” pull cord is attached to the riders wrist to stop the mechanicals bulls action when the rider falls off. Unlike other mechanical bulls the Galaxy Mechanical Bull does not rotate on a turntable. This exclusive safety feature makes the rider have a softer fall by landing directly on the inflatable pad and not bouncing off from the turntable and then on to the pad. There are five pre-set automatic competition levels which are linked to the LED time clocks. In addition to the current time there is also a BEST TIME clock so everyone can see the time to beat.

Although Adventure Climbing is based in Maine, their work has brought them to New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and as far away as Washington, DC to bring their unique attractions to many private and public events. On their list of top corporate events are McDonald’s Corp., Kellogg’s Cereal, Balance Bar Nutritional Bars, Hartford Insurance, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Self Magazine, American Canoe Association and the U.S. Army.

If your event is looking for one of these top rated attractions, call Randy Cook at 1-800-244-7282 between 9 am and 6 pm EST to see how they can enhance your participants’ experience. Thank you for visiting our site.

Member of:

  • IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)
  • OABA (Outdoor Amusement Business Association)
  • ROAR (Responsible Operation of Amusement Rentals)
  • AIMS (Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers International)
  • Certified Level 1 Operator

Below is a partial list of some of our past events and clients.

  • McDonald’s Corp.
  • Kellogg’s Cereal
  • Balance Bar Nutritional Bars
  • Hartford Insurance Co
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
  • Self Magazine
  • U.S. Army
  • Bowdoin College, Me
  • University of New England, ME
  • ITT Technical Institute, NY
  • Pitco Fry-O-lator
  • Kittery Trading Post
  • American Canoe Association
  • Reed and Reed Corp
  • Central Maine Newspapers
  • Chinet Corp
  • Sappi Paper Mills
  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Ivex Packing Corp
  • Connecticut Dept of Social Services
  • First Technologies Corp
  • University of Vermont
  • Castleberry Fairs
  • Thomas College
  • Union College New York
  • Marden’s Discount Stores
  • Camp No Limits