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The Sabretooth Tiger Slide is the largest inflatable slide currently available on the market. Standing at 35 ft tall its presence at an event is commanding This ride is targeted to give children and adults alike, a thrill that brings families together by experiencing the excitement this ride has to offer. This dual lane giant allows participants to ride alone or race against friends and family. With its one of a kind animal features and high attention to graphic detail and bright colors, the Tiger magically draws in people who become awestruck by its dynamic presence. If you want to draw a crowd, the Tiger is your answer.



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The Sabretooth has proven itself to be a hit!

  • The Giant Sabre-tooth Slide features dual sliding lanes.
  • Fast, fun and exiciting
  • The Largest and most Dynamic Slide Made!


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Kids get excited on this adventure as they pass through the Tigers mouth, claws, and long teeth on their journey to the top. From here, it’s all downhill, a thrilling ride down, passing back underneath the tiger’s head and out to the crowd waiting below. The expressions of the rider’s faces are priceless and make for that perfect picture moment. Have your camera ready!

  • Dual Sliding Lanes
  • Twice the Fun
  • Twice as many
  • Sliders as other Slides

The awesome Sabretooth Tiger Inflatable Slide


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