Obstacle Course

This is the Ride for you!

  • The Rat Race is the hottest Obstacle Challenge in the industry.
  • With its figure eight track it has the longest¬† run of any inflatable obstacle course made. Each run totals over 120 feet of fun.
  • Two players can race in opposite directions at the same time.
  • Each opponent runs in their own lane, jumping through tires, crawling through the squeeze play, dodging tackle dummies, bursting through the tunnel, bouncing through the bumper walls, down the slide, and out to the finish. It’s great fun and a challenge for all ages.Run on your own or challenge a friend. This is fast and exciting for kids as well as adults.


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A series of obstacles await you just around the corner.


Tire Run


Squeeze Plays




The Challenge Begins

Makes for one Popular Ride at any event !